Kolkata Battles Diarrhoea Outbreaks, Count Rises


Kolkata: In Kolkata, as many as 650 people in six municipal wards are suffering from diarrhea caused by alleged contamination of drinking water and 28 of them are admitted in a city hospital, revealed officials. But according to a source, the number is 72, are admitted in hospital.

Twenty children with diarrhoea have been admitted to the Institute of Child Health. Several kilometres away from Baghajatin, residents of Nonadanga are also affected. Almost every family at Balmiki Ambedkar Abasan in the area has a diarrhoea patient.

Twenty-two patients with symptoms of diarrhoea were undergoing treatment at the ID hospital on Monday evening. Few patients were also admitted to KPC Medical College and MR Bangur Hospital. Hospitals along the Bypass also got diarrhoea patients both in the OPD and emergency. Fortis Hospital, for example, had five “admissible” patients on Monday, of whom four were admitted.

On Tuesday morning, Fresh cases registered and 10 more are admitted to M.R. Bangur Hospital . Doctors as well as civic officials admitted that the disease continued to spread on Monday. More than 450 people were treated for diarrhoea at Baghajatin State General Hospital between Sunday and Monday noon.

“Over 75 patients have been admitted to the hospital over three days. Many have been discharged. Two patients have been referred to the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Beleghata,” the official said. An official of the state government’s health department said nearly 1,200 diarrhoea patients had come to Baghajatin hospital alone in three days.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation collected samples from different places to detect the cause of the outbreak. “Overall about 650 people reported suffering from symptoms of diarrhea and affected were from wards 101, 102, 107, 108, 109 and 110. Our Water Supply Department personnel collected samples from water treatment plants from where water is supplied to these areas for testing,” a KMC official said.

Mayor Sovan Chatterjee said about 28 people suffering from diarrhea were admitted to Baghajatin State General Hospital since last night and number of admission has not been increased. The Mayor, who visited the affected wards on Sunday morning, said that around 260-270 people were brought to the Baghajatin hospital.

Dismissing complaints that contamination of drinking water led to the outbreak of the disease in the areas, Chatterjee said: “We have collected samples from 82 places so far to understand the cause of outbreak. It is also found that all in a family drinking the same water were not ill. The problem has been arrested in a greater extent.”