Kolkata the 5th busiest city in the Globe


Kolkata: We generally get irritated when a large queue of traffic gets lined up in the morning of a busy day. As a result, we often fail to reach the office or our work place at the proper time.

But if one looks at the latest database of ‘Numbeo’, a website that collects global statistics including costs of living, crime rates and pollution indices, among others, one might fee; a bit proud. 3 Indian cities are among the top 10 list. The cities include Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata.

If one takes a look at the chart, Mumbai tops the list with Pune in 3rd place and Kolkata in 5th. According to the index, it takes a person an average of 66.18 minutes to reach his/her destination in Mumbai, 60.82 minutes in Pune and 58 minutes in Kolkata. There are other cities too in the list. Bangalore is in 19th place, Coimbatore in 21st and Delhi in 23rd, Hyderabad in 25th, and Chennai in 49th. Even the Carbon dioxide Emission index in these cities is quite alarming.