Know Wednesday Bazar Price


Kolkata: Though there is a huge ups and downs in vegetable to fish market, but this season is meant for fresh and colorful veggies. Food in winter is completely alluring and the festive moods make it more prone. So,know the market price well before going to the market.

Vegetable :

ChandramukhiPotato : Rs.12/kg
JyotiPotato :Rs. 10/kg
Onion :Rs. 50/kg
Ginger :Rs. 50/kg
Garlic :Rs. 60/kg
Tomato : Rs.30/kg
Cauliflower :Rs. 15/piece
Cabbage : Rs.20/kg
Carrot : Rs.40/kg
Capsicum :Rs. 80/kg
Green Beens : Rs.30/kg
Spinach : Rs.15/kg

Fish :
Whole Roue : Rs.150-200 /kg
Pieced Roue : Rs.200-150/kg
Whole Katla : Rs.200-300/kg
Pieced Katla : Rs.350-400/kg
Bhetki : Rs.300/kg
Pabda :Rs. 400-500/kg
Parshe : Rs.300-350/kg
Tilapia : Rs.150-200/kg
Shrimp : Rs.400-700/kg
Prawn :Rs. 500-800/kg

Meat :
Whole Chicken : Rs.110/kg
Pieced Chicken : Rs.120/kg
Mutton : Rs.480/kg

Good food makes all of us so happy that price hike remains just an incident. Among various arguments it gives the satisfaction of mind. So, we celebrate the food and food lovers to be in and around the market happily buying their preferred veggies and fish.