Know The Reason Tanks Are Placed In Public Places


There are quite a lot of equipments used by the armies during the wars, but one that remains of significance is Army tanks. A tank is a powerful, armoured and highly mobile fighting vehicle which served as a backbone for countries during wars including India.

A lot of these abandoned tanks can be easily spotted outside defense establishments, camps, and government residential spaces, but did you know they are symbolic of a war’s history in more than one way?

The long pipe-like structure ahead of the tank is called a barrel which is either pumped up, down or at parallel to the ground depending if the tank won, lost or was used as a symbol of peace between two countries during wartime.


If the barrel of the tank is kept high it means that the tank has taken part in the war and won but now decommissioned.


If the barrel of the tank is kept down, then it was captured from enemy camp after defeating them during a war.


If the barrel is kept at a normal position to the ground, then it was used during peace time or it can be a replica or model.

Although army tanks have become a forgotten history now, the next time you’ll see a tank, you’d know about its fate during wartime.