Know The Differences Between Cardiac Arrest And Heart Attack


Kolkata: The ageless beauty Sridevi breathed her last on Saturday after suffering a cardiac arrest. The untimely demise of the Nagina actress has sent shock waves to the fraternity and fans who still can’t believe she is no more.

The actress’s family claimed that she never had a history of heart issues. Sridevi charmed the audience with her amazing acting and mesmerising dancing skills. The diva was considered as the first ever female superstar in Bollywood as she delivered back to back hits.

Here’s the difference between a cardiac arrest and heart attack:

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

You should know that sudden cardiac arrest doesn’t come with any signs of symptoms or warning. When a person suffers from a cardiac arrest, his/her heart stops beating which ultimately causes leads to disruption in blood pumping. In case, the person is not given prompt treatment when the cardiac arrest takes place, he/she can die within minutes.

Heart attack

There is a difference between cardiac arrest and heart attack which you need to know. A heart attack happens when blood clot blocks the blood flow to our heart which results in blockage to our artery. As a result of this, the tissues in our body lose out oxygen which ultimately leads to death. You should keep in mind that heart attack symptoms can be spotted. Some of the symptoms are chest pain and sharp ache in our left arm.