Do You Know Why Actress Mimi Is Upset?


Kolkata: The fans of Tollywood actress Mimi Chakraborty will have to wait more to see their favourite actress in Bollywood. Yes you have read it right.

জানেন টলি অভিনেত্রী মিমির দুঃখের ‘আসল’ কারন কি?

Mimi was supposed to debut in Bollywood through her movie titled ‘Pari’, but unfortunately she is unable to debut in her first Bollywood career. Mimi is reportedly upset but gradually she controlled her sadness and decided to look forward. The role of Mimi on that movie was very important as well as good. Along with Mimi Chakraborty, audience could have had the luck to see Mimi sharing her screen space with Anushka Sharma in ‘Pari.’

Unfortunately Mimi Chakraborty suddenly fell sick and admitted to the hospital. She was detected with measles. Though she is gradually recovering, the doctors have advised her to take complete bed rest for 15 days. Mimi has agreed to this, but believes it is impossible to do which the doctor has asked Mimi to do.

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Mimi has two pet dogs named Max and Chiku and she considers them as her daughter. But the doctor has suggested staying away from them for 15 days. But the Tolly queen completely disagrees with the doctor. As Mimi is suffering from measles, staying close with the dogs can increase her problems much more. But for Mimi, staying far away from her pet dogs for 15 days is more saddening than not debuting her Bolly flick.