KMC To Light Up All Schools & Buildings Using Solar Power


Kolkata: Kolkata Municipal Corporation’ s new initiative saves seventy five percent electricity cost. So KMC now decided to use solar power light to save electric cost. This solar light will be installed in all buildings including school, Boro office, Health Department, Community Hall . Such news has been reported in municipalities. Municipality authorities said that use of this solar light will reduce cost of electricity.

এবার সোলার লাইটে পড়াশুনো কলকাতায়

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A municipal executive said, “We have already placed solar lights in several parks in the city. By using this light we have seen that the cost of electricity was possible to reduce. Soon we plan to use solar lights in every building, it will be much better “.

According to sources, at first PV panel will be installed at first in all buildings to use the Solar lights. The weight of this PV panel is about 20 kg. The municipality has already chaired the meeting with this issue.

One executive said, “First of all we have looked at power carrying capability of these buildings. After that the report will be submitted. To set up this PV panel, we prefer to use the roof of the buildings. That’s why we plants to visit the roofs of all these buildings. We will start working when this report is submitted”.