KMC Takes Measures To Curb Deaths Due To Lightning


Kolkata: The frequency of lightning has increased in the past few years. Chief
Minister Mamata Banerjee is also worried about it. In order to save lives, the
Kolkata Municipal Corporation has provided several precautions.

According to KMC, ‘lightning catcher device’ will be set up in several parks in the
city. Already four such machines have been set up in Deshapriya Park. There are 700
parks under ward 144. The KMC has a plan to put the lightning catcher device in all
these parks.

Works to set up such devices will begin at Maddox Square, Jatin Das Park,
Deshbandhu Park and Parnashree Park. The KMC had already built solar panel in these
parks to save electricity. Hence, these parks were chosen for the placement of
lightning catcher device. After these parks, the devices will be put in rest of the
700 parks.

The function of these devices are to capture the heat of the thunder or lightning.
It will, thereby, be able to reduce the impact among the locals.

Debashis Kumar, mayor council KMC, said, “Comparatively, the incidents on lightning
has increased. The intensity of thunder increases in an empty sky. Deaths due to
lightning has also increased. In order to curb this, the KMC has taken the decision
to set up these machines throughout the city.”

Some of the steps one must take during an instance of lightning:

1. Do not stand under the sky during lightning
2. Do not stand under any big tree during lightning
3. Disconnect electricity at home, if possible
4. Do not stand near any pond during lightning
5. Keep mobiles away during lightning

At least six people have lost their lives due to lightning throughout the state.