KMC Takes Measure To Prevent Mosquito-Borne Disease


Kolkata: Kolkata Municipal Corporation has launched a mobile application as a platform to disseminate informations on mosquito-borne disease and the fighting-resistance measures. Informations of 144 health centres will be available in this application.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation marked unique example by launching such application. It will be available on Bengali, Hindi, English and Urdu languages. There will be a GPRS system which will guide to reach the health centre destination.

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This application will assist in emergency to find out nearest municipal health centres and pathology laboratories. Soon they will provide detailed data related to municipality health infrastructures and related details to that. Now it will be available on Androided phone. The application will be available on iphone from September 2.

Sovan Chatterjee informed that, it will set a connection between the citizens and KMC. People will be updated through the application and will spread awareness and recent updates regarding the disease. This will make the service flexible for both side.