KMC Takes Initiative To Demolish Houses Standing Dangerously


Kolkata: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation had ordered the demolition of an old house standing dangerously at 80, Bentinck Street. Despite protests from the locals, some parts of the house was demolished.

This house was marked as dangerous by the KMC long time ago. A notice was also put up. The house owner has been blamed for not doing any repair works of this old house. When corporation officials arrived for demolition on Tuesday, they were stopped. Mayor Sovan Chatterjee said that the owner has assured to repair the house as early as possible.

According to KMC, the ground floor has been rented out. The owner stays in the first floor. The second floor is used by the owner for his business work. A major crack was noticed in the walls but the owner did not repair it. Parts of the ceiling have also come off. On Tuesday, the owner opposed when the officials had come to demolish some parts of the second floor.

But the officials did not stop from their work. After discussing with local police, they demolished the dangerous part of the house. However, the owner assured to begin the work for repairs at the earliest.

Mayor Sovan Chatterjee said that not only this but the corporation has identified 65 such houses in the city. The KMC has asked the house owners to take proper measures.

Another 292 houses have been sent notice under the 492/A section. If needed the KMC
will break the dangerous parts of these houses one by one.