KMC serves notice to Tax defaulter

Kolkata: The KMC  issued a distress warrant against the owner of a building on Hemanta Bose Sarani in BBD Bagh on Friday. It had earlier asked the person to pay Rs 21 crore failing to which the warrant notice was served on Friday. Mayor Sovan Chatterjee said that if the building owner failed to pay within a month, the six-storey building would be attached and auctioned by the corporation. “We had sent several reminders to the owner of the property asking him to pay the dues. We had to take a drastic step as he refused to pay heed to our warnings,” he said. A KMC team on Friday went to 20, Hemanta Bose Sarani to serve the notice. As nobody was present at the spot, they pasted the notice on the wall and returned.

The owner of the premise has not paid any tax for the past 15 years.


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