KMC Emphasizes On Fire Prevention System


Kolkata: Mayor Sovan Chatterjee has taken several measures to keep the government
offices safe from fire in the wake of Bagri market fire.

Absence of proper fire extinguishers resulted in the Bagri market fire. Taking a
lesson from it, the KMC has decided to examine the safety measures in KMC office,
markets, pumping stations, schools under KMC. It has been decided that KMC
officials will be divided into several groups and they will examine the safety
situation. Officials of fire service and CEC will be present. This process will
begin from 25th September this year.

The mayor has already discussed with KMC officials on this matter. It was decided
in this meeting that arrangements for fire extinguishers will be made as per fire
service department in every department of KMC. All department heads of KMC have
been asked to submit a report on fire extinguishing facilities in their office.
They will also have to mention what is the present condition and whether more such
extinguishers are required or not.

Locals alleged that presence of fire extinguishers are not that strong in the KMC
bazars. Now the KMC has decided to act upon this allegation. The KMC authority will
be making it compulsory to keep fire extinguished in KMC bazars. KMC will also be
strict on the renewal of trade licenses.