KMC Polls: Bombs and Bullets reign in Kolkata


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  • 3 pm: 59.2 per cent vote registered
  • Mukul Roy casts his vote
  • Tollywood star Dev casts his vote
  • Voters have complained of “largmukul-roy-votee scale false voting” by the Trinamool Congress (TMC) cadres. Even many TMC supporters have complained that the rival faction of the ruling party in the same area have forced them to leave the booth.
  • Mamata Banerjee casts her vote at Mitra Institution at Bhawanipore
  • BJP state president Rahul Sinha’s brother fired upon
  • BJP candidate Shweta Sinha from Ward 46 complained of proxy voting at the Loreto Day School in Bowbazar area. BJP supporters claimed that “heavy fighting” was going on inside the polling station. The BJP and Congress party workers complained to the local police station and presiding officer
  • 3 rounds of bullet fired near Indian MuseumKMC-VOTE-02
  • Bullets hurled towards Fuad Halim
  • Stars like Sabyasachi Chakraborty and Jeet cast their vote
  • TMC carries out violence at Baghbazar’s BJP camp office
  • A representative team lead by Locket Chatterjee visits Baghbazar
  • Another case of bombing takes place in Taki school
  • Voting is being carried out in 4 booths at the Taki school
  • Ward 134: case of disrupting the EVM machine.
  • Congress agent detained by the police
  • Cases of Bombing registed near Raj Bhavan, Council house street, ward no. 45
  • At 11 am: 36.4 per cent vote has been registered
  • Bullets fired at ward ward 60KMC-VOTE-03
  • Allegation against the TMC candidate of the area, Kaisar Zamil
  • Case of proxy vote registered at Tiljala , ward no 66
  • CPM workers thrashed at Matiabruj
  • Clash at Matiabruj College, Complain against TMC worker
  • CPM’s Roopa Bagchi is not being allowed inside the polling booth
  • Babul Supriyo expresses his concern over the ongoing violence of TMC in the booths
  • Partha Chatterjee casts his vote at Naktala
  • Education Minister Partha Chatterjee vclaims that vote is peaceful so far
  • People complain of unwanted violence at certain areas of Mukundapur
  • At 9.55 am: Election Commission says voting is held peacefully across KolkataKMC-VOTE-04
  • Tarak Das, a TMC worker and a suspended police constable had to be pulled up by the police against allegation of verbal violence
  • Samya Gangly, son of Kanti Ganuky beaten up at Bhagat Singh Colony
  • Journalists have been asked not to enter the booth at Shahid Smriti Colony at ward 109
  • Women face trouble at ward 144, complain of snatching registered against goons
  • Extra security provided by the commission at  Cossipore
  • People debarred from voting at ward no.36 at Amherst Street
  • People complain of threatening in areas of Narkeldanga and Kankurgachi
  • Complaint of proxy vote registered at wards 46,47,28,34,21 and 22
  • Voters face the heat at ward no. 36, Sealdah
  • Clash occurs at Beniatola, Ward n0.19Police-use-dron-camera-02
  • Total no of voters= 3753256
  • Problem in the EVM machine at St. Sebastian School
  • Violence at booth no.32
  • A CPM agent faces obstacle while entering St Paul’s college and Booth no.12
  • Queues outside many polling booths
  • Vote starts at 7 am in the morning
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