KMC Demolishes Dangerous & Dilapidated House In Ramdulal Street

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Kolkata: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) demolished parts of a dangerous
and dilapidated building in Ramdulal street on Friday.

According to KMC, the house stood dangerously as its structure is very old. Hence,
the KMC decided to demolish it. The officials appeared on Friday morning and broke
parts of it using KMC’s special instrument.

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The KMC has recently sent notice to several old and dangerously standing buildings in Kolkata recently. The condition of these houses are very poor which could lead to a major
mishap any day, any moment.

The KMC’s building department has instructed the KMC commissioner Khalil Ahmed to
use his power and request these house owners to vacate their houses. However, many
owners have refused to leave.