KMC Copied Hanoi, Open Air Gym In Green


Kolkata: To see the popularity of open air gym in New Alipore’s Rajnandini Park, The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) will now set up open air gyms in parks. An open air gym, that has been opened at Rajnandini Park in New Alipore, has already become extremely popular.

শহরের ৫টি পার্কে ওপেন এয়ার জিম

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The list contains names of Tala Jhil Park, Deshbandhu Park of Word No 12, Deshapriyo Park of Ward no 85, Prafulla Kanon park of Ward No 32 and Birsha Munda Park of Ward No 38. A municipality official said, ” KMC maintains as many as 720 parks in the city, spanning across its 144 wards. In these parks, open air gyms will be made”.

পড়ুন:বাঁশদ্রোনি এলাকায় চুরি, আতঙ্কে এলাকাবাসী

He further added, ” The idea of open air gym had cropped up in the mind of Debashis Kumar, when he went to a flower show at Rajnandini Park recently. He was inspired by his colleague Mayor-in-Council Nikashi Tarak Singh’s open air gym in the garden. Kumar was attracted by the facilities and the excitement among the people in the area regarding the gym. After that KMC plans to create such a gym in every park.

The first phase of work by choosing parks was begin. It difficult to go to private gyms and sweat it out because of financial stringency and lack of time. Morning and evening walkers who visit the parks can work out if we can make arrangements for open air gyms free of cost. This open air gym can be used for free by the city dwellers” said Debashis Kumar.

People do not use extra time for this gym. If you go for the morning walk and evening walk, you can stay healthy by using this gym. A municipal executive said, “Every equipment in this gym will be run without electricity. This will reduce the cost of electricity “. This gym will have machines like Wet Twister, Tweet Stepper, Chest Press, which can be used without electricity.

Reported By-Sweta Bhattacharya

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee