Kite String Slashes Throat Of Doctor On Maa Flyover


Kolkata: Dr Saikat Chakraborty was riding his bike on Maa Flyover to go home in Nayabad. But near Park Circus 4 number bridge his neck and face got entangled in the kite thread. Immediately he faced with an accident. Meanwhile, a few drivers, who noticed the incident, informed police.

He was rushed to SSKM hospital by the police where doctors treated and discharged the injured. On Sunday around 3:20 pm, a doctor at SSKM hospital identified as
Upon receiving the information police personnel went on Maa Flyover and rushed Chakraborty to SSKM hospital. Since last few months several such incidents occurred on Maa Flyover. Though police have asked the locals staying adjacent to Maa flyover not to fly kites near the area, no one bothers to obey the order. As a result similar accidents have taken place in the past.

Though police say steps would be taken to curb such incidents but no one knows how this practice could be stopped completely.