Kim’s Nuke Attack On Seoul & Tokyo Could Kill 2.1 Million


Pyongyang: A report published on Wednesday at 38 North found that over 2 million lives could be lost if North Korea attack Seoul and Tokyo with its nuclear arsenal.

Using a computer model for calculating the blast areas for North Korea’s nuclear arsenal, analysts ran a scenario assuming that Pyongyang would launch all 25 of the operational nuclear weapons believed to be in their possession.

As U.S. President Donald Trump threatens to destroy North Korea, even some of his closest aides have warned of the potentially disastrous effects of a war. This report may create tension on trump’s mind.

The conclusion was based on North Korea’s “current estimated weapon yields,” author Michael J. Zugarek wrote in an October 4 post. The researcher says that a single 250-kiloton-yield warhead detonated over the two Asian cities would also result in approximately 7.7 million injuries.

The terminal high-altitude area defense (THAAD) system in South Korea would intercept some of them, the author seems to assume, while other missile defense features in Japan would also take down some of the incoming threats.

The Lockheed Martin product is a version of the naval Aegis Combat System, “a sophisticated collection of phased-array radars, fire control directors, computers and missiles” according to the company’s description, with elements typically mounted on guided missile cruisers.