Kim Likely To Launch Nuke On US In Less Than 6 Months


Pyongyang: North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un warned he was ready to press the “nuclear button” on his desk to hit the United States, possibly kick starting World War 3.

But Mr Chang said the international community has between three to six months before North Korea reaches nuclear capability to defuse tensions. Kim Jong-un actually doesn’t have a button he can push right now. Maybe three months, six months from now, he can pick up the phone and launch a nuke at the United States.

The one thing Kim can do is launch an electromagnetic pulse device: he doesn’t need heat shielding, he doesn’t need guidance. He could do a lot of damage to the United States.
Mr Chang made his comment moments after US President Donald Trump tweeted his nuclear button was “much bigger and more powerful,” signalling the US would be ready to quickly respond to an attack from Pyongyang.

But despite the threatening message from the President, Mr Chang said UN-imposed sanctions could ultimately dash Kim’s nuclear ambitions. The ‘Nuclear Showdown’ author said: Trump also tweeted this morning that sanctions are starting to bite. I think that’s actually true because we’ve been seeing a lot of evidence where people in Pyongyang are not getting their rations.

North Korea has been threatening world peace by defying calls to give up its nuclear weapons development programme. In an effort to stop the rogue nation, the United . Nations Security Council imposed tough sanctions on North Korea after its continued missile testing.