Kim Laughs As N Korean Fighter Jets Practise Bombing Enemy Targets


Pyongyang: CHILLING footage shows North Korean despot Kim Jong-un clapping and laughing while watching his fighter jets compete in an aerial war games.

বেজিংকে ঠান্ডা করতে ভারত-চিন সীমান্তেই মোতায়েন করা হবে মার্কিন কামান M-777

The video shows the tubby tyrant enjoying himself as he watches the annual event which features his war planes bombing land targets.

Jong-un has continued to conduct military drills including testing ballistic missiles despite increasingly tension on the Korean Peninsula.

This week, North Korea said that it “fully rejects” the latest UN sanctions against its citizens as a “hostile act” and will continue its nuclear weapons development without delay.

‘জন গন মন অধিনায়ক’ গেয়ে পাকিস্তানকে নাস্তানাবুদ করল ৩০ হাজার ভারতীয়

The UN Security Council on Friday expanded targeted sanctions against Jong-un’s rogue state after its repeated missile tests – the first such resolution since President Donald Trump took office.

The sanctions resolution “is a crafty hostile act with the purpose of putting a curb on the DPRK’s buildup of nuclear forces, disarming it and causing economic suffocation to it,” NK’s foreign ministry spokesman said.

He added: “Whatever sanctions and pressure may follow, we will not flinch from the road to build up nuclear forces which was chosen to defend the sovereignty of the country and the rights to national existence and will move forward towards the final victory.”

North Korea has rejected all UN Security Council resolutions dating back to 2006 when it conducted its first nuclear test, saying such moves directly infringe its sovereign right to self defence.

গভীর অন্ধকারে যুদ্ধ চালাতে ভারতীয় সেনার হাতে আসছে ১৫০০০ ‘নাইট সাইট’

The United States has struggled to slow Kim’s controversial nuclear and missile programs, which have become a security priority given Pyongyang’s vow to develop a nuclear-tipped missile capable of hitting the US mainland.

The Trump administration has been pressing China aggressively to rein in its reclusive neighbour, warning all options are on the table if it persists with its nuclear and missile development.

North Korea blamed the US and China for “railroading and enforcing” the sanctions resolution at the UN Security Council “after having drafted it in the backroom at their own pleasure.”