‘Kim Jong Nam Died Within 20 Minutes Of Poisoning’


Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia’s health minister says the dose of poison given to North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un’s half brother was so high that it killed him “within 15-20 minutes.”

Kim Jong Nam died February 13 at Kuala Lumpur’s airport. Friday’s revelation by Malaysian police that the banned chemical weapon VX nerve agent was used to kill Kim raised the stakes significantly in the case.

Health Minister Subramaniam Sathasivam said Sunday that the dose of VX given to Kim was so high that it “would have affected his heart, it would have affected his lungs, it would have affected everything.”

Subramaniam said it required only 10 milligram of VX for it to be lethal “so I presume that the amount of dose that went in is more than that.”