Kim To Fire ‘War’ Missile, World Has NEVER Seen Before

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Pyongyang: Defence officials believe North Korea will launch another nuclear-capable ICBM within the next 24 hours. Spooks already fear the rogue state has been preparing for another launch following last weekend’s detonation of an H-bomb.

Experts told another launch is due and it will once again fly over the island nation of Japan. Another missile firing would be the 14th this year alone as tensions reach new heights between the US and North Korea.

Harry Kazianis, director of defence studies at the Centre for the National Interest in the US, predicted this new missile test will be the first-of-its-kind for North Korea.

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The expert on military strategy in the Asia-Pacifc estimated Kim will fire a missile on a “war” trajectory  flying further than ever before and crashing down into the Pacific.

He told Daily Star Online this will be Kim Jong-un’s first missile tested in “battlefield conditions”. This Saturday is also a key date for North Korea with national holiday Day of the Foundation of the Republic.

It marks the founding of the North Korean state known as the DPRK  under the banner of Kim’s grandfather Kim Il-sung. North Korea traditionally likes to carry out missile launches of key dates, with last year’s September 9 being marked with the nation’s fifth nuclear bomb test  their last until the blast on Sunday.

Kim Jong-un also marked Victory Day, the end of the Korean War, on July 27 by carrying out a missile launch – delayed by a day due to rain following up on his first ICBM firing on July 4 to mark the US holiday of Independence Day.

The expert expects the missile to come within range of the US missile shield, but doubted the Pentagon would attempt to shoot it down. Rhetoric has been becoming increasingly violent as North Korea quests to obtain an ICBM capable of striking the US.