Kids Ties Rakhi To Soldiers At Wagah Border, Celebrates ‘Surakshabandhan’

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Amritsar:The nation’s first line of defence, the Border Security Force, is on the border 24X7, making sure that we sleep in peace. India’s 7,516 km long border is safe because of the BSF.

According to Quint report, at Wagah border in Attari, every evening, a massive crowd gathers to witness the iconic retreat ceremony, where the Indian and Pakistani forces face each other in a show of aggression and ends in a coordinated practice of lowering of the two nations’ flags.

Far away from their homes, these soldiers put their life on the line for the country.

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When Rakshabandhan is celebrated on Monday, these soldiers will be spending another festival alone. But this year, to tell the soldiers that the country is with them, young girls from Amritsar traveled to the border with Rakhis, and celebrated ‘Surakshabandhan,’ at an event organised by Nickelodeon.

The young kids were excited to meet the soldiers, accompanied by two very popular cartoons, Dora and Shiva.

The BSF soldiers said that the kids’ smiles brought the festivities to the border and gave them festive excitement.