Kidney Racket: One Arrested From Siliguri


New Delhi: Delhi Police has arrested three alleged donors linked to the illegal kidney transplant trade. The donors one male and two females have been arrested from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh and Siliguri in West Bengal.

They are allegedly linked to the illegal kidney trade in Delhi. The police are verifying documents of the kidney recipients and some doctors are also being questioned in connection with the illegal trade. Two clerical staff members of Apollo Hospital in Delhi’s Sarita Vihar and four others are already in the police net for the illegal trade.

Three of those arrested are believed to be middlemen. They are suspected to have sold at least four kidneys in Delhi so far. Three potential donors, including two women, are also among those arrested.

The police found about the racket after a couple was seen fighting in a hospital. The husband had allegedly donated his wife’s kidney without her consent.

The two arrested staff members were said to be working closely with Apollo’s senior nephrologist Dr Ashok Sarin. The mastermind of the kidney trade racket has been identified as Anish. The staff of the Apollo hospital allegedly used to inform him about needy patients and Anish, in turn, provided kidneys to those in need at exorbitant prices.