Kid With Cancer Turns Inspector For A Few Hours


Mumbai: A seven-year-old boy who has cancer had his dream of becoming an “inspector of the Mumbai police” fulfilled when he was sworn in as an inspector of Mulund police station for a few hours on Thursday.

The child, Ashish Aprit Mandal, was diagnosed with brain cancer in October. He said he wishes to become an inspector when he grows up.

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An NGO, Make A Wish, with help of the police fulfilled the little boy’s dream. The foundation arranges to fulfil “wishes” of children, aged between three and 17 and living with life-threatening medical conditions.

Ashish sat on the senior inspector’s chair for a few minutes and opened a few registers and went through it as if he were inspecting them. “Ashish was overjoyed with the entire experience. Even we, policemen, were glad to see him happy.” said senior inspector of Mulund police station, Sripad Kale. The police tweeted and uploaded Ashish’s picture while cutting a cake.