KFC India Is Giving Out Boxes Of Chicken That Charge Your Phone


New Delhi: There’s nothing more inconvenient than when you’re at Kentucky Fried Chicken, about to dig into a pile of greasy, crispy chicken tenders while you text your crush to make date plans, and your phone runs out of power – leaving you completely alone with nothing more than your meal.

Luckily, KFC in India is so attuned to their customers’ needs that they have crafted a special solution for this very problem: a meal box that comes with a pre-charged USB plug.

Yes, you read that correctly. If you are planning to go to a local KFC there and order a box of chicken, you potentially don’t need to charge your phone ahead of time because you just might be handed a chicken box that will come with everything you need to stay connected during your meal.

The “Watt-A-Box” program, which the U.S.-based chain’s India branch launched in Delhi and Mumbai, is advertising its benefits with a ridiculous commercial that addresses the date planning interrupted by a dead phone situation described above.