Keralites Living In Kolkata Remains Worried

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Kolkata: We have just witnessed the condition of families whose sons and daughters are stranded in Kerala. But did we come across Keralites who are living ‘worried’ in Kolkata?

Rebati, Jhumi have taken training in nursing and is working at Mukundapur’s RN Tagore Nursing home in Kolkata. But if one visits them in the nursing home, one will be able to see how much worried they are. They are working without any smile in their faces. They are in tension as their families are in flood-hit Kerala.

Sinto Antony is a resident of Idukki in Kerala, but has been working in Kolkata for past 8 years. Sinto said, “Though the water levels have decreased, but Im very worried as my parents, sister everyone stays there.” Antony could not even contact his family few days ago. On this, Antony said, “Only I know how I am working.”

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Jhumi is a resident of Kerala’s Kottayam. Jhumi said, “The electric wire is now under water. When the water level decreases, then it can be understood that which wire has current and which one does not.”

Rebati said, “Our condition there is very bad. Though I cannot go there, but I have sent money. Hope that helps. Whenever the phone gets disconnected, I become afraid.”

The death toll in the Kerala floods are increasing day by day.