Kerala Flood Situation Spotlighted In Jhargram Kali Puja


Jhargram: Rajpara Janakalyan Sangha of Jhargram has executed ‘Kerala Flood Situation’ as their Kali Puja theme of this year.

The club authority said that most of the villages does not have TV in their households, so they do not have any idea about the distressing situation of Kerala. Thus the decision has been made by the puja committee.

The devotees worships Ma Kali in a simplified manner following all the rituals. They offers Bhog on the last day of Kali puja. Villagers from other villages also participates in this puja.

This Rajpara Puja is famous in the district. The theme will remain in the ground for five days. The locals said that people stands in queue to witness the puja. Specifically, the rescue operation will be highlighted in the picture. Color-puff and cotton have been used to enhance the idea. The entire pandal will be surrounded with picture of Kerala flood situation.

Artist Malay Kumar Roy said, “Did not witness the Kerala flood situation in reality but used my imagination to meet the intense situation. We are expecting that people will gather to see the execution.”