Kerala CM Tells PM, Union Ministers Misled Parliament


Tiruvananthapuram: A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi concluded his two-day visit to the state, Kerala chief minister writes off a letter to the PM expressing displeasure at the way central ministers ‘misled’ parliament over his omission from former CM R Sankar’s statue-unveiling function.

Oommen Chandy said the Prime Minister’s office failed to intervene to avoid the controversy and it was not due to his inconvenience he couldn’t attend the function, as stated by minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy in Lok Sabha.

The Congress leader said he wanted to know what would have been Prime Minister Modi’s response if such an incident happened when he was the CM of Gujarat.

“It is unfortunate that Union minister Rajnath Singh and Rudy misled the House in their reply to the adjournment motion without verifying fact with the CM’s office. I am sorry a widespread controversy has arisen over my absence from the Kollam function,” he said, adding all parties except the BJP has dubbed it as an insult to the state.

While replying to an adjournment motion in Lok Sabha, Rudy had flashed a letter saying the CM had written to the PM informing his inconvenience citing some other engagement.

“I never said my absence was due to my inconvenience. After inviting me and including my name in the plaque and notice later SNDP general secretary Vellapally Natesan was forced to withdraw invitation to me,” he said adding he did not know why the organizer cancelled his invitation at the last minute.