Kenstar promises to spread ‘healthy’ love through Oxy Fryer


Kolkata: “To live is to love and to love is to give”-This is the catch line which is going to be the USP for Kenstar in this season of love.

Kenstar has brought in to the market an Oxy Fryer. Synonymous to healthy cooking, Oxy Fryer is a new category under KENSTAR’s wide range of home appliances products.  With this, Kenstar has also introduced its new campaign, ‘We Love You.’

Oxy Fryer aims at revolutionizing healthy cooking, and promoting safety and wellness in this season of love. It’s simple yet innovative ‘Oil Free Frying’ mechanism helps one to fry food with fast circulation of hot air instead of using oil. Moreover, not only does it keep a check on your calorie and cholesterol levels, Oxy Fryer also retain most of the nutrients to help one stay fit and healthy.