‘Will Discuss With Centre Possibility Of Engineering Artificial Rain’


New Delhi: Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday held an emergency meeting over severe air pollution in the city and announced a slew of measures to tackle the menace among them the possibility of engineering artificial rain.

“Emergency measures are the need of the hour. Instead of politicizing the pollution issue, we need to solve it together,” Kejriwal said in a press briefing after the meeting.

Kejriwal announced a number of steps the government is taking to deal with the worsening air quality of Delhi. Some of the important measures finalized at the emergency meet to control air pollution in Delhi are: All Delhi schools will remain shut for next 3 days, for next 5 days, no construction and demolition work will take place in Delhi. He said that all diesel generator sets have been banned for next 10 days, except at hospitals and emergency places. Delhi government will supply power to unauthorized colonies which use diesel generators.

Kejriwal said that the Badarpur power plant will be shut down for 10 days and there will be no fly ash transportation from Badarpur power plant. Environment department will launch an app to monitor burning of leaves. Vacuum cleaning of roads will start from November 10 and water sprinkling will start on all roads from tomorrow.

Delhi CM also warned that the people should stay at home as much as they can and they should try work from home.  He added that he will discuss with the Centre about the possibility of engineering artificial rain in Delhi.

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