Kejriwal apologizes for continuing speech during farmer’s suicide


New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday apologized for continuing his speech while 41 year old farmer gajendra Singh committed suicide at the AAP rally in Delhi. He also added that there was no need of blame game.

He said, “I have never had such an experience in my life. The tree was far from the stage and due to tree’s branches I couldn’t see what was happening.”

He also added, “I made a mistake. I should have called off the rally. I continued my speech (after farmer’s suicide), that was my error. I apologise if someone’s sentiments have been hurt. I could not announce from the stage about what was happening on the tree, as there would have been a stampede.”

He asked the opposition to stop the blame game saying that Gajendra Singh was alive when he was brought down and was rushed to the hospital by AAP workers. He said that no one had thought that the farmer would commit suicide.

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