Kejriwal accuses BJP Delhi chief of corrupt practices


New Delhi: Aam Admi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal today accused BJP of having an unholy nexus with power distribution companies. The AAP leader alleged that firms owned by BJP’s Delhi chief Satish Upadhay are installing and repairing meters for the distribution companies in the city.

The BJP chief dismissed the allegations against him saying that he is not involved in any purchase and sale of power meters and challenged Kejriwal to prove his point or quit politics.

Kejriwal alleged that the BJP chief owns six companies among which one had two VAT numbers which is illegal.

In a press conference Kejriwal attacked Upadhay by saying that he owns 6000 shares in New Delhi Communication Network Ltd. The company provides services like installation and replacement of meters.

The BJP chief rubbished all the allegations saying that there are no records of the firms mentioned by AAP.