Keep Faith In Law, Justice Tells Bharati Ghosh


Kolkata: Justice Jaymalya Bagchi while hearing Bharati Ghosh’s husband’s bail plea
case, questioned that why is former IPS officer Bharati Ghosh fighting from behind.
She must come face-to-face with the law, added Bagchi on Monday.

A hearing was scheduled on Monday for MAV Raju, husband of Bharati Ghosh. The
government lawyer told the court that the investigation process will get hampered
if he is given bail. The lawyer said that Raju went to Indore in the name of
visiting his son. There he met two accused who gave secret statements against
Bharati Ghosh for her alleged involvement in an extortion case. So the division
bench of Justice Sanjib Banerjee rejected his interim suspension of bail.

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MAV Raju’s lawyer claimed Bharati Ghosh and her husband as innocent. He alleged
that they were being harassed intentionally. On this Bagchi said, “Why is Bharati
Ghosh hiding despite being the member of a disciplinary force.”