Keenan-Reuben Murder Case: 4 Accused Sentenced To Life

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Mumbai:  A special women’s court in Mumbai today held all four accused guilty in the Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez murder case, over four years after the two were killed while saving their female friends from a group of men who tried to harass them.

Keenan Santos, 24, and Reuben Fernandez, 29, were attacked outside a popular eatery at Amboli in Mumbai’s Andheri on October 20, 2011. A crowd watched even as the youngsters were assaulted in full public view.

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After retreating initially, the group came back to the spot with over 10 aides and repeatedly stabbed the duo. Keenan died on the same day, Reuben died 10 days later.

“It takes nearly five years to get justice for a boy who has done something good in society. We have to beg for justice,” says Keenan’s father Valerian Santos.

Four men arrested after the incident in 2011 have been charged with murder and molestation. Several others who were arrested were charged with rioting but released on bail.

The case moved to a fast-track court in March 2012, but the prosecution took a year to frame charges. The trial finally began in January 2013, only to be transferred to a women’s court two years later.

Keenan’s father says only life sentence for the accused will provide the much needed closure to the two families fighting for justice for over four years.

“They should be given life imprisonment till death. Only then will they understand our suffering. We will suffer till our last breath,” he said.