Kavita Devi With Salwar-Kameez Is Breaking The Internet

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Chandigarh:  Indians have always drawn attention when in the WWE.The Great Khali, Jinder Mahal and now Kavita Devi. Kavita Devi is the first Indian female wrestler to have entered the popular ring.After the gloomy violence in Haryana for last few days ,original Haryana woman , SainaNehwal made news. Now this time another woman who came in the limlight. The woman is Kavita Devi.Devi, the former Haryana police officer is back in the news again.

You might have seen her pictures going viral on Internet in last 2 days, and she actually deserves it. Kavita is India’s first woman fighter in WWE. While, this fact in itself is enough to make her popular, but what she did in the ring, a few days back, broke the headlines. She changed the trend, and entered the ring for a fight wearing salwar-kameez. This fight was worth a watch as she fought in the traditional avatar. Unfortunately, she didn’t win the contest, but surely won everybody’s hearts. Even the micro-blogging site, Twitter was in awe for the fighter.

Salwar-kameez is considered an outfit too cliche, girls now prefer tank tops, jumpsuits, gowns, crop tops and everything else, but salwar-kameez. A girl spotted in ‘Salwar-Kameez’ is often termed as ‘Uneducated’, ‘Gawaar’, ‘Behenji’, by some ‘good for nothing’ so-called beauties.

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The picture is a proof  that Salwar-Kameez aren’t too cliche yet and she deserves our attention. Earlier this year, Devi became the first Indian woman to compete in the WWE when she was included in the Mae Young Classic tournament. As the first Indian wrestler to compete in a WWE ring, Kavita Devi is looking to follow in the footsteps of her inspiration and trainer, The Great Khali.