Kaushiki and Shreya’s ‘Jogajog’ with Tagore


Kolkata: Popular singers Shreya Ghosal and classical exponent Kaushiki Chakraborty will lend their voices to the film version of Rabindranath Tagore’s famous novel “Jogajog”, which is based on Indian raga music. Set to release on the 154th birth anniversary of the poet on May 8, the film touches upon several social issues, like the gradual decline of aristocracy, women’s status in that period and loss of status of classical tradition, which have relevance today.

The film also features singers Jayati Chakraborty, actor-singers Shaheb Chatterjee, Arjun Chakraborty and Shuvolagna lending their voices to Tagore’s raga-based compositions as well as Mira’s bhajan. “Unlike his other novels, ‘Jogajog’ is based mainly on Indian classical ragas and Mira’s Bhajan,” director of the film Sekhar Das told a news agency.

“Jogajog” was initially serialized in the magazine ‘Bichitra’, which was later published in a book form in 1929. Classical instrumentalist Pt Debajyoti (Tony) Bose composed the musical score of the film using guitar, sarod and piano. “The story revolves around rivalry between two families – Chatterjees and Ghosals. The situation of women in that era is also delineated in fine details, Das, who had directed award-winning “Mahulbanir Sereng” said.

The central character of the film is Kumudini, who belongs to the Chatterjee family and gets married into the Ghoshal household. Perturbed by the vulgar display of wealth by her husband Madhusudan, a feudal baron, she finds it difficult to adjust. Actor Bratya Basu, who is also a state minister, plays the character of a feudal lord, said, “I play Madhusudan, a feudal baron who wants to throw his weight around.”  Kumudini is played by debutant actress Shuvalagna Mukherjee.