Katwa Gang Rape Case, Five Acquitted

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Burdwan: Five accused of Katwa gang rape have been found not guilty for insufficient documents. The verdict has been given by Burdwan Fast Track Court. The public persecutor gives his resignation due to the incident. However, all five have been found guilty in a robbery case.

কাটোয়া ধর্ষণ-কাণ্ডে পাঁচ অভিযুক্তের বেকসুর খালাস

The incident took place on 25th February 2012 near Ketugram station of Burdwan Division. Along with the gang rape case, those 5 persons were also accused of robbery.

In protest of the verdict, WB Left Front Chairman Biman Basu stated that the ruling party is trying to safeguard the culprits