Katrina goes missing


Mumbai: Bollywood queen Katrina Kaif has gone missing since Monday morning. Several attempts to reach her as well as her manager have failed. Their mobile phones and tablets are unreachable.. Even though nobody really seems to know where she went missing and also the probable place she could be.Late in morning, Katrina was busy searching for some locations in Maharashtra in Google maps. She has not informed anyone where she was heading too. Investigative agencies are not sure if her disappearance has anything to do with her searching for locations on Google Maps. As per the reports she had been planning to travel to an unknown location. Passerby saw Katrina as she was asking for the direction towards Ratnagiri. It’s quite confusing why she headed to Ratnagiri, leaving other exotic places.

Investigative agencies have already deployed teams in search of the actress. They are trying their level best to track Katrina’s mobile’s location with the help of cell tracker and also her mobile’s IMEI number.