Kathakali Dance Troupe In Egypt For First Time


Cairo: With its distinctive style of dance and colorful costumes, the Kathakali dance troupe wooed the audience during its performances in different cities of Egypt.

The visit of the nine-member Kathakali dance troupe was a part the 14th Summer Festival organized by Bibliotheca Alexandrina on August 1 and also to perform in other cities including Port Said, Ismailia and Cairo.

“Egypt has a great culture and there are many similarities between the two countries,” the leader of the troupe, Rajumohan Padinharey Kizhikkilode, told PTI in an interview.

Kizhikkilode, who is recognized as one of the most successful Kathakali artists, said this is the first time for the troupe to perform in Egypt. “Kathakali dance came from Hindu mythology and it’s movements are like yoga movements but it also involves musicians, instruments and makeup to create a wonderful colorful performance.”

Kizhikkilode, as well as his troupe members, said there were no barriers for people to understand their show and that audience usually enjoys their colorful costumes and makeup, in which they use natural stones to make it.

The members of the troupe also expressed their happiness as they were well received by Egyptian audience.  “After we performed in Alexandria we found that the audience were awesome,” said Kunhi Raman Abhishek, an actor in the troupe. “We are all so happy that we are here and we are very exited to see the pyramids,” he added. .