Kashmir, Balochistan Issue Should Be Mutually Resolved

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New Delhi: The US on Tuesday expressed the view that issues concerning Kashmir or Balochistan should be decided by the “two parties involved”.

US Ambassador Richard Verma was quoted by news website Quint as having said in an interview that,” When it comes to Balochistan, or even increased tensions in Kashmir in particular, it is our long-standing policy to leave the matter to be decided by the two parties.”

Asked about why the US does not raise concern over terrorism originating in Pakistan directed at India, Verma said he would like to “disagree” with the suggestion.

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“In the last 15 years in particular, the US under different administrations has gone after terrorists, wherever they are, including LeT. I don’t think there should be any mistaking our commitment,” the US envoy added.

Terming counter-terrorism as a “huge issue”, he said the US has also been a victim of terrorism just like India. Since 9/11, the US has been unrelenting vis-a-vis terrorism, he said.

On how can America deal with China s Bid to Block India s NSG membership, Verma said it was a hard-work diplomacy and the US can “get it done”.