Karnataka’s Fake Currency racket trails back to Maldah


Bangalore: A fake currency racket was busted where eight people were reported to have been arrested by the West Division Police. The accused are Mohammed Zeenat Ali (23), Kalimuddin (23), Mohammed Mortaza (27), Mohammed Nazeemuddin (31), Abdul Bari (24), Munirul Islam (26), Azad Sabze (20) and Mohammed Muzaharool Haq (27), all belonging to the Maldah district.

The police have seized notes of denominations Rs 1,000 worth Rs 3.07 lakh and Rs 500 worth Rs 43,000. A team has been sent to Maldah for further investigation.

The gang was nabbed when two members bought some goods with fake currency from a shop. The shopkeeper detected that the notes were fake and alerted the police, who arrested the duo.

During interrogation, they revealed the involvement of other members, who were later arrested. Police said the accused got a 30 per cent commission for every fake note of Rs 1,000 denomination they pushed into the market. Lured by the prospects of making easy money, the accused had come to the city.

A case has been registered at Basaveshwar Nagar police station.