Karnataka Midnight Drama: No Stay On Swearing-In, Suggests SC

  • ‘Defer the swearing till 4:30 PM’, says Dr Abhishek Singhvi in SC
  • Yeddyurappa’s fate intact, 3-judge SC bench decides in favour of BJP; oath-taking ceremony at 9 am
  • SC: B. S. Yeddyurappa is not present in the court
  • Supreme Court Refuses To Stay Swearing-in Ceremony Of BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa As Karnataka Chief Minister
  • Supreme Court says they won’t restrain swearing in of BS Yeddyurappa in Karnataka.
  • AG Venugopal and Mukul Rohatgi agree for floor test in seven days.
  • It’s Governor’s job to invite to oath. The President and Governor are not answerable to any court. The court should not stop a constitutional functionary in functioning of his official duties: Mukul Rohatgi, BJP’s lawyer
  • Please dismiss this petition. They want an injunction to stop discharging function of one of the highest constitutional functionary. Larger questions is that can it be stalled?: Mukul Rohatgi, BJP’s lawyer
  • “In a case like this where the opposite side is showing 117 MLAs support, how will you have 112 MLAs support?,” Justice AK Sikri asks AG KK Venugopal, while hearing the petition filed by Congress & JD(S) challenging Karnataka Governor’s decision
  • Mukul Rohtagi intervenes in the Supreme Court and asks, “Why is this hearing happening at midnight? Last midnight hearing that happened was Yakub memon. What heavens are falling if someone is sworn in? Can’t it be set aside?”.
  • Abhishek Manu Singhvi concludes arguments in favour of Congress after almost an hour and half. AG KK Venugopal begins submissions for the Centre.
  • Justice SA Bobde said, “we do not know what kind of majority BS Yeddyurappa has claimed. Unless we see that letter of support, we cannot speculate”, while hearing the petition filed by Congress & JD(S) challenging Karnataka Governor’s decision
  • Dr Abhishek Singhvi hands over letter issued by Governor to SC
  • SC Bench: You want us to scrutinise the discretion of the Governor but how do we decide this now? You don’t even have the letter given to the Governor (by the BJP) based on which he has called upon the other side to form the government.
  • Singhvi now cites examples of states where majority coalitions formed after the elections were given preference over the single largest party – Meghalaya, Manipur, Goa, Delhi, Jharkhand, Jammu & Kashmir. He says that in Delhi, BJP was the largest party but AAP and Congress were called to form the government, while in J&K, National Conference was the single largest party but PDP and BJP formed the government.
  • “It is unheard of to give 15 days for a floor test. Elementary common sense would say that a 104-seat party being called ahead of 116-seat party and then giving them 15 days is adding insult to injury. It is unlikely that their (BJP’s) letter won’t state they have the support of more MLAs, including independents,” said Singhvi. To this, the SC asked why the Congress also cannot claim the support of independents.
  • Abhishek Manu Singhvi argues as per the Sarkaria Commission Guidelines, largest party or group of parties should be first to be invited by Governor but in Karnataka this did not happen
  • Governor has the discretion to call the largest party and he has done so. If the single largest party won’t be able to form the govt, the other party will be called: Former AG Mukul Rohatgi
  • Mukul Rohatgi, Former A-G, walks into Supreme Court in dramatic midnight developments on government formation in Karnataka.
  • ASG Tushar Mehta reaches Supreme Court to represent Union Government, BJP and Governor of Karnataka likely. Abhishek Manu Singhvi will begin arguments for Congress in next few minutes. Waiting for the judges to arrive inside court.
  • Abishek Singhvi reaches Supreme Court, leads Congress-JD(S) charge in the Court.
  • SC to hear matter at 1:45 AM, hearing on both Congress’ plea
  • Congress planning statewide protests for all 15 days: Sources
  • Congress leaders pointed out that the real battle between them and the BJP will start now.
  • Bengaluru: Security deployed at the residence of BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa, ahead of his swearing-in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka tomorrow
  • Kumaraswamy reaches Eagleton resort. Ghulam Nabi Azad reaches Eagleton resort.
  • SC registry officials reach court; SC officials to scrutinise paperwork.
  • Congress- JD(S) file a joint plea against the Governor’s decision, Devegowda & Parameshwara file a plea before SC registrar
  • People’s goodwill, people’s votes both are on BJP’s favour. The Congress party is trying to rob the mandate. In Karnataka, we’ll run a majority government and we will run it by the blessings of public: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Update: Congress leader Abishek Singhvi files plea in Supreme Court registry. SC registry yet to tell CJI Dipak Mishra.

Bengaluru: Midnight drama in karnataka continues. Congress to Approach Supreme Court on Wednesday night by Abhishek Singhvi.

The petitioners – HD Devegowda of JD(S) and state Congress president G Parameswaran – are jointly moving the petition seeking a direction from SC to the governor to invite a post-poll alliance of Congress-JD(S) to form government.