Karnataka Mandate Was Against Cong, An Unholy Alliance: Amit Shah


New Delhi: The Congress party has formed the government in Karnataka against the mandate of the people after stitching an “unholy” alliance with the JD(S), BJP president Amit Shah said on Monday.

Shah, who was addressing the media at party headquarters here, said the mandate in Karnataka was against the Congress and there was “no confusion” about it.

“The Congress and the JD(S) joined hands in Karnataka against the people’s mandate. This is what I call an unholy alliance. It was not at all a confused mandate since the BJP fell short of just seven seats,” Shah told the media.

Asserting that the mandate in Karnataka Assembly polls was against the Congress, BJP president Amit Shah on Monday said the party has found a new way of portraying defeat as its victory.

“No one will be the dominating party. Both of them have conned people. They will later come to know the pros and cons of this unholy alliance. Domination doesn’t come with power but with the love of people” BJP President Amit Shah said  on Congress-JD(S) alliance

Shah also asked the Congress to explain to the people of Karnataka why they were celebrating even when most of their ministers had lost election.

“Only Congress and JD(S) are celebrating, people of Karnataka are not (celebrating),” he told reporters.