Karnataka Express: ‘Sensitive’, ‘Receptive’ BJP Government: PM Modi’


Staff Reporter, Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that Karnataka needs ‘sensitive’ and ‘receptive’ Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) unlike Congress which has no vision for the state.

“Congress lacks a forward looking vision for the development of Karnataka, which needs a BJP Government which is sensitive and receptive in nature,” Prime Minister Modi said at his third rally of the day here.

He added that there are five peculiar aspects of the Congress- dynasty politics, corruption, rampant lawlessness and criminalization, agrarian distress and ruin, and divide the society.
He also launched an attack on Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and alleged that he does not like Bengaluru.

“I do not understand why the CM dislikes Bengaluru. He has handed the city of Bengaluru to an infamous trio- and we all know this trio- we also know they have been given charge of this city due to vote bank politics. This trio excels in all the wrong things,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Alluding to the Congress’ trio, the Prime Minister said, “The people of Bengaluru must know whose name came up in the unfortunate death of a police officer here. People who should be in jail are sitting in Government in Karnataka.”

“The second leader, involved in land grabbing- he has made his name ‘Roshan’…we all know who he is. What is his link with Gulf Countries and money laundering? The third leader, he has no ‘Shanti’ is his value systems. His son goes around beating people,” Prime Minister Modi said.

He alleged that Bengaluru’s crumbling infrastructure and women’s safety are not a priority for the state Siddaramaiah-led government.

Exhorting the people to vote for the BJP, the Prime Minister said, “BJP promises greater prosperity for farmers, better education, skill development, better opportunities for youth, more industrial development, a positive eco-system for industrial growth. BJP promises to end politics of dividing society and a safer state for women.”

He promised that the Bengaluru Metropolitan Area will be expanded to more places and resources will be allocated for the re-development of lakes across the city.