Karnataka Exit Polls: BJP, Congress & JDS In Tight Fight


Rana Das & Soumen Sil, Bengaluru: Vote ends on 6 pm in Karnataka, by and large predict a close contest with some giving a slight advantage to the Congress and others to the BJP. 113 seats to be needed to win the assembly.

Opinions poll and exit polls are released already. According to reports, no party to gain the magic figure. But all are hope for the best.

Congress CM candidate Siddaramaiah said that they will form the government with the help of JDS. In other hand, BJP candidate Yeddyurappa already thinks to call Prime Minister Modi at his oath ceremony.

Yeddyurappa said that BJP would win 150 seats and will form the goverment. After the result at 15th May we will go to the New Delhi to invite Modi on 17th May. Siddaramaiah criticized Yeddyurappa and said that Congress will come to the power of Karnataka.

Loksabha Elections will be held on next year. So, this elections is the Litmus test for BJP. The Karnataka elections, seen as a precursor to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, carry high stakes for the main protagonists, the Congress and the BJP