Karnataka Desires For A Separate State Flag


Bengaluru: In what could be seen as a mark of defiance against the ‘imposition of Hindi’ and alleged attempts to homogenise the nation, the Congress led government in Karnataka has mooted a separate flag for the state. The Siddaramaiah government has set up a nine member committee to design a ‘state flag’ and give reports on its legal sanctity.

As per TOI report, this comes into being, Karnataka will join Kashmir as being the only two states to have separate flags. Kashmir enjoys special status under Article 370 of the Constitution.

When this idea was floated in 2012, when the BJP was in power, it had not accepted the idea to declare the red and yellow Kannada flag as the national state flag as a separate flag would go against the “unity and integrity of the country”.

Former Karnataka chief minister and Union minister D V Sadananda Gowda dismissed the move, saying, “India is one nation and there cannot be two flags in one country”, as per report, the June 6 government ordered , a copy of which was with TOI, has nominated the principal secretary of the Kannada and culture department as chairperson of the committee. The order, signed on behalf of the governor by G Annapurna, under secretary of the Kannada and culture department, reads: “The committee must ready a design for a separate state flag and submit a report on providing it a legal sanctity.”

Former advocate general of Karnataka Ravi Varma Kumar told TOI, “The Constitution provides states supremacy in their own sphere and even a seven-judge Supreme Court bench has upheld this. The flag code also has no restrictions on this matter.”