Karnataka CM Named In Rs 500 Crore Condom Scam


Bengaluru: The political scenario in Karnataka is once again on the boil as the names of Karnataka chief minister and health minister have emerged in the condom scam.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has alleged squandering of funds worth crores in condom distribution by the Congress government in the state. The former corporator of BJP, NR Ramesh on Monday accused Siddaramaiah government of condom scam.

Instead of buying condoms from government agencies, they were purchased from private companies and were reportedly distributed on paper only. The government has not revealed the data of money spent on condom distribution and treatment of AIDS.

Ex-BJP corporator NR Ramesh on Monday revealed that large-scale irregularities have taken place in the Karnataka State AIDS Prevention Society (KSAPS). He mentioned that KSAPS receives hundreds of crores of rupees from the Union government, the state government and the Bill Gates Foundation for AIDS prevention.

Ramesh has alleged misappropriation of Rs 500 crore in condom scam. To prove that he is speaking the truth, the ex-BJP corporator showed some documents that consisted of fake entries. “The chief minister and the health minister are the president and vice president of this society respectively. Most of the scam happened when UT Khader was the Health Minister,” said Ramesh.

Thus, the names stated in the file to whom condoms had to be distributed remained on paper only. He told that since Siddaramaiah and UT Khader, who is now the food and civil supplies minister, are the President and vice president of the society and thus cannot be let off the charge.

In the wake of prevention of AIDS, the state government had to distribute the condoms among sex workers, homosexuals, truck drivers and houses located in red light areas. However, BJP has alleged that it did not happen.

In Karnataka, there are 82,000 women, 29,000 homosexuals, and 1,700 transgenders suffering from AIDS. According to KSAPS records, 1.62 lakh migrants, and 80,000 truck drivers have also undergone tests. In reaction to the allegations, now food and civil supplies minister, Khader has rubbished the charges and said that he is ready for any kind of probe in the matter.

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