Karnataka Assembly Election: The Most Expensive Assembly Poll In Indian History


Rana Das, Bengaluru: The Karnataka polls are over. The results have been declared.However, political pressure on the formation of the government is still continues.Candidates have spent huge capital for this assembly poll. As per the survey it is said that no other assembly had ever spend such a huge capital.

According to the information given by an organization called Center for Media Studies, different political parties and candidates spent about rupees 9500 to 10,000 crores in the Karanataka Assembly Elections.This year’s expenditure was double of 2013 election.However, the expenditure of  Prime Minister’s campaign was counted in this.

Generally every time Karanataka Assembly spends more for election.Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are the two states following Karnataka in this race.

It has also been found that, for the year 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the expenditure are estimated to be 50-60 thousand crore, in 2014, the expenditure was 30 thousand crore rupees.