Karishma Kapoor’s Daughter Screened At Short Film Festival


Hyderabad: Enduring the family convention, 10 year old Samaira, actress Karishma Kapoor’s daughter was acted on a short film named ‘Be Happy’  which was screened at 19th International Children’s Film Festival of India (ICFFI) on November 15 in Hyderabad.

Apart from acting, Samaira was also paying an important role on the department of cinematographer, scripting and editing.

“It’s a great opportunity for young children and I am happy that Samaira is a part of something like this,” said mother Karisma who was came to watch the movie at a theater in Hyderabad along with her sister actress Kareena Kapoor. The actress also added, “The moral is to be happy with what you have.”

‘Be Happy’ describes the story of a girl who goes out for shopping and feels jealous of the other rich children.  Later, when a child tries to grab her jacket, she apprehends that someone else was feeling jealous of her as well.

Along with Samaira, Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim and Shekhar Kapur’s daughter Kaveri Kapur are also a part of the creative team of the film. This film was made two years ago.