Karan Patel & Ankita Expecting Their 1st Child


Mumbai: Television star Karan Patel is all set to become a dad. Karan is expecting his first child with wife Ankita Bhargava who is due around November. The couple tied the knot on May 3, 2015.

As per reports in the media, Ankita has started her second trimester and the couple wants to keep the news a secret till they make it public in a special way. When indianexpress.com reached out to the couple and congratulated them, they texted back with a smiley, thus confirming the buzz.

In an earlier interview with indianexpress.com, Ankita had spoken about extending her family soon. “Oh yes! We are ready for it but all in good time. Karan loves kids and he will be the best father. I can’t wait to start a family with him. I think even Naughty (their pet dog) is ready for some company.”

Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava had a fairytale wedding in 2015. Though the world assumed the relationship won’t last long, they have stood the test of time and proved that marriages are definitely made in heaven.

While there have been constant rumours about insecurities between them, the supportive wife had refuted the same saying, “Not at all! I am a proud wife who is extremely happy to see her husband climbing up the ladder of success. His dream is our dream and we pray for it together. And also, what insecurity, Karan and I are on the same team, he does well means we are doing well so I am happy for us! And same goes with him, I am sure when I pick up my next project he will be beaming with joy. Every little thing I do whether it’s an ad film, a ramp walk or my short film, he has appreciated me unconditionally.”